8 Things to do after You're Engaged ...


He finally popped the question, you said yes, and now you're trying to remember all of the things to do after you're engaged!

Many couples get so caught up with the excitement of being engaged that they don't think about what comes next.

This will eventually cause you both stress as you scramble to get everything done in time for your big day.

You can significantly reduce your stress level later on by making sure to complete all of these things to do after you're engaged.

1. Make the Big Announcement

This one is obvious when it comes to things to do after you're engaged, but you may want to think about exactly how you want to tell everyone the big news!2

Of course I would recommend letting both your parents know with a call first.

But for everyone else you know, try to come up with a creative or clever way to tell them!

I mean, you only get engaged once (hopefully), so you should try to make it as memorable as possible.2

For example, if you have a pet together, take a picture of them with a sign that reads "My humans are getting married," or have someone take a picture of the two of you kissing while you hold out a sign that says "I said yes"!

Then post it to Facebook or send it out in the mail to your close friends and family.

2. Get a Manicure

Your hand is about to be the subject of a lot of photos and constant attention.

So why wouldn't you want your fingers to look their best?

Make sure to get a manicure ASAP so you aren't embarrassed by your half chipped nail polish and dry skin when people ask to see the ring.

Plus, you just got engaged!

Why wouldn't you want to get pampered?

If you have the time and money, make a whole spa day out of it so you can really feel special.

Set a General Date
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