5. Emergency Kit for the Wedding Day

No matter how well prepared and organized you are, things have a tendency of going wrong at the last minute.

Murphy says so.

And so you need to put together an emergency kit for such an eventuality.

Start with several extra bunches of safety pins (excellent for holding a torn hemline, a veil that wonโ€™t stay put and even a broken shoe strap).

Youโ€™ll need extra hairpins, a lipstick that matches your outfit, wet and dry wipes, Q-tips, some Band-Aids (Iโ€™ve found them very useful in case of unexpected shoe bites) and anything else you think you might need last minute.

And make sure you hand this kit over to a trusted friend whoโ€™ll stick with you through the whole evening and not vanish just when you need a safety pin!

Medical Kit
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