The Exercises Brides-to-Be Should do One Month before the Wedding ...

With just one more month till you say I do, there is so much you have to think about but on the forefront of your mind is how can you look your best?

You have put in the time exercising and even bettered your nutrition choices so now let me share the fitness last-minutes you can do before your big day.

And if you want to, do these exercises with your beloved;

join forces to get fit together.

With pre-wedding jitters, these exercises can help you to shed stress and even a few last pounds.

So get up and get going with the exercises that as a certified trainer, I have trained countless brides-to-be to achieve fitness perfection.

1. Running

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Running is a great exercise for your body and mind.

As a longtime runner, running countless miles and seeing many sights, brides can see so many benefits from running, especially when dealing pre wedding nerves.

This will help you to shed pounds, de-stress and even have more energy!