8 Reasons Not to Get Married Too Young.. ...


There are many good reasons not to get married too young.

As little girls, some of us dream about every detail of what our wedding day is going to look like.

However, that can lead us into rushing to the aisle too soon, so I'm here to share with you Reasons Not to Get Married Too Young...

1. Time to Find Yourself...

Your early to mid twenties are a time for you to discover who you really are and where you see your future taking you.

Take time for you;

explore different hobbies, create your own business, and make a name for yourself.

This is one of the surefire reasons not to get married too young;

you don't want to start a family when you still need time to grow up yourself.

2. More Chances to Travel...

If you love traveling and finding new places, then this may be a reason not to get married too young.

Getting married doesn't mean that you won't travel, but when you buy a house, a bigger car, and start growing a family, traveling expenses get put on the back burner.

Travel together as much as you can and see all there is to see before making the choice to say, 'I Do.'2

3. Learn How to Depend on Yourself...

It's nice to have that feeling that someone is there for you, but you don't want to take advantage of them.

Be in control of your life;

a reason not to get married too young is so you can learn how to depend on yourself.

In the future you won't need to call up your spouse when the sink is leaking, when you need to hang a photo on the wall, or if there is a mouse running wild through your house!

Learn to be a Do It Yourself kind of woman.

Being Okay with Being Alone...
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