9 Rad Ideas for a Valentine's Day Engagement Party ...


Having a Valentine's Day engagement party can be a lovely and heartfelt experience.

Surrounded by family and friends, the feeling of love in the air will be intensified.

There's something about hosting a celebration on one of the biggest holidays to celebrate the love shared between you and your partner that is incredibly heartwarming.

These rad ideas for a Valentine's Day engagement party are sure to make your guests swoon.

1. Heart Banner

Heart Banner

This is one of the sweetest ideas for a Valentine's Day engagement party.

Hanging up a heart banner over the goodies table will instantly brighten the mood.

You can even include a customized banner that has your engagement and wedding dates inscribed.

For all of you DIY kings and queens, try your hand at making a banner with your partner.

It will be a fun activity that can bring you closer together.

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