7 Quirky Wedding Cake Toppers ...

Traditionally, a wedding cake is topped with an elegant bride, dressed in white, standing beside her tux-clad groom, but for those of us looking to show our silly side, there are several quirky wedding cake toppers out there! Show your personality, highlight your hobbies and interests and elicit a giggle from your wedding guests when they see you have chosen one of these more quirky wedding cake toppers. They are a fun way to stray slightly from tradition and add a little touch of you!

1. Zombies Lovers

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Quirky wedding cake toppers can be a great addition to a theme wedding. Halloween weddings are insanely fun and there are a number of different cake toppers to choose from. Zombies have been a pretty big trend in recent years, so there are several variations of zombie couples, posed mid-stagger, you can set atop your wedding cake. Even if you aren’t having a themed wedding, feel free to show your love for zombie movies with this interesting cake topper!

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