7 Must-Have Jewelry and Accessories for an Indian Wedding ...


An Indian wedding is bright, colorful, loud, wonderful and incomplete without these essential jewelry and accessories as shared by guest contributor Lianne Crosby.

As the wedding season fast approaches, we see a lot of competition between brides and wedding planners to plan and host the most elegant and successful celebration for their wedding day.

One way that wedding planners and brides are making their weddings more diverse and beautiful is by using exotic themes for the dress, venue, the jewelry and the accessories.

This has led to a new trend of combining western weddings with Indian traditions.2

This article gives you 7 essential pieces that will successfully turn your big day into a spectacular Indian inspired celebration.2

1. Kalgi - Turban Pin

Kalgi - Turban Pin

If the groom is going to wear a turban at your Indian inspired wedding then a Kalgi is a must have jewelry accessory for him to wear.2

Traditionally, a Kalgi was only worn by Sikh grooms and Indian kings, but now it is a fashionable must have accessory for almost all Hindu-Indian grooms.

2. Beautiful Indian Wedding Rings for Women

Beautiful Indian Wedding Rings for Women

Unlike traditional western wedding rings where the band will feature a single stone mounted upon the ring, typically you will find that Indian wedding rings will feature gems and stones that run around the entire band.

Also, instead of diamonds, you will find different gems that make the Indian bridal ring a colourful and exotic choice.

3. Hath Panjas - Traditional Bracelet

Hath Panjas - Traditional Bracelet

This is a hand piece for both the bride and the female guests to wear to the wedding.2

Consisting of a bracelet and a ring that is joined by a decorative chain, the bride will wear one on each hand whereas the female guests would traditionally just wear one on their dominant hand.

The Panja is usually gold with a coloured gemstone between the bracelet and the ring.2

Matha Patti - Headpiece
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