4. Don’t Pick Willy-Nilly

When picking your wedding party, really take the time and consider this.

These people will be in your wedding photos for time and all eternity.2

I have only been married since May and I only talk to one of my bridesmaids now, who isn’t my sister.

Don’t pick the people you are currently having the most fun with, pick the people you’ve consistently had fun with over the years of your life.

Weddings are a stressful time, and honestly a lot of times, people get jealous of the things you have that they do not.

And sometimes, people can’t handle when things aren’t about them, and they ultimately don’t get the final say.

So just remember these things when making the final choices.2

Because you don’t want to look back and be mad at the pictures.

Be Sure to Crank the Music
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