2. Prioritize Your Food Plan!

My fiancΓ© and I had a lot going on in our personal life the 9 or so months between our engagement and our wedding, so while the food was talked about, it always took a back seat to things like the dΓ©cor and where all that needed to go.

I knew I wanted turkey pinwheels, but other than that, I had no plans, and it showed when the wedding finally rolled around.2

All we had were the turkey pinwheels my fiancΓ© and I made some chicken salad cream puffs and a vegetable tray.

Which, if all you are planning is light refreshments is fine, but for me, it was a detail that very much got overlooked and I wish I could go back and do more food.

So prioritize your food plan!

Your guests will be much happier and so will you!

Fuck Everyone else and Their Feelings
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