How to Make Your Bridal Shower Special ...



You’re getting married!

Chances are your bridesmaids are hard at work planning your shower.

While you won’t have entire control over how it goes, you can request certain things that will make the whole event special and memorable to you as you start this new chapter in your life.

Besides getting a whole ton of gifts for your new home, a bridal shower is the perfect chance for family and friends to come together and celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

Make yours special by requesting the following things.

1. Give the Guests Disposable Cameras to Record the Event

People do this all the time on the wedding day, but you can also do so at your shower.

This is a great way to get candid shots of the girls having a blast and you get them from everyone’s perspective instead of just your own.

Hand them out as your guests arrive and then you can develop them in a few days and relive all the fun you just had.2

Skip the Games and do a Photo Booth Instead
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