Honeymoon Adventure in Japan: Guest Blogger Kristin


I hope you are enjoying this honeymoon series as much as I am!

Today I will introduce you to another wonderful friend who is always thoughtful and sweet, has a quirky and cute personality, and had the most adorable backyard wedding.


I'm Kristin, also known as Mrs.

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I'm going to take you somewhere exotic, dynamic, and simply amazing today.2

I lived in Japan for 3 years and I think it's a great place to have a honeymoon.

Here are 5 great reasons why!"

5. The Safety and Convenience...

The Safety and Convenience...

Photo: KristininAmerica

"Japan is famous for it's great train travel.

All of Tokyois at your fingertips with it's railway system.2

The stations and lines are properly labeled in Japanese and English, as are announcements.

The shinkansen, or bullet train, will quickly and efficiently connect you to the rest of Japan like Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, and even the northern most island of Hokkaido.

Very rarely will you have a frustrating or dangerous experience on the train - all of the privately owned train companies have helpful and friendly staff.

And Japanis one of the safest countries in the world.

You can travel and explore with peace of mind!3

Don't forget to purchase your JR Rail Passfrom your home country for discounts and package deals on rail travel throughout Japan."

4. The Party...

The Party...

Photo: KristininAmerica

"The Japanese are no strangers to having a good time.

If you choose to honeymoon in Japan you won't be going to bed early.2

Bars, clubs, and loungesare active every night at all hours.

You can stay out until 5 AM when the trains are up and running for the day!

Find the smallest bar without tourists and I can guarantee a local will try to strike up a conversation and perhaps take you on a wild ride through karaoke booths and arcade parlors.

Tokyo has a great energy and places to party include young Shibuya, trendy and exclusive Aoyama, or back alley Shinjuku.

Avoid tourist laden and frankly dangerous Roppongi, the area that panders to foreigners.

The Japanese are also big on local festivalsand you can find a celebration almost any time of year.

You can expect traditional folk dances, costumes, lanterns, food stalls, and in the summer - fireworks!"

The Food...
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