10. Ribbon Summer Wedding Hairstyle...

Ribbon Summer Wedding Hairstyle...

Summer is a time to be playful and let loose, which is why hairstyles for summer weddings are inspired by the season itself like this nautical ribbon accessory that is twisted through a loose braid.

It's a playful look yet chic and sophisticated with soft bangs and blush colored makeup that help pull the look together.

Whether you have short and sassy hair, long and wavy hair, or naturally curly hair, there is a simple yet chic hairstyle for your summer wedding that will keep you feeling carefree on that hot and sticky day.

Let your hairstyle for your summer wedding be one of the easy details of the day while you pull on the spanx, step into the sparkly high heels, and try not to make those ugly crying faces!

Hairstyles for summer weddings are no longer about big curls, tons of hairspray, or tight updos, they are all about loose braids, soft waves, crazy coifs, and messy updos that keep you looking and feeling like the worry free bride that you are!