7 Gorgeous and Unique Engagement Rings with Colored Stones ...


We’ve been seeing throwback wedding trends for the past few seasons, but none of them sweeter than the re-emergence of engagement rings with colored stones.

In centuries past, a suitor chose a stone that signified his unique love for his lady, and only relatively recently have diamonds become the go-to stone.

While some still dream of the diamond solitaire engagement ring, others are embracing the oddly more “traditional” engagement rings with colored stones.

Looking for some inspiration?

Here are a few ideas from various Tiffany collections, for who knows engagement rings better than Tiffany?

1. Tiffany Bezet Yellow Diamond Ring

Tiffany Bezet Yellow Diamond Ring

While it’s not technically from the Tiffany engagement collection, it’s still qualifies, in my opinion, as one of the prettiest and most unique engagement rings with colored stones.

The brilliant yellow diamond is available in a range of carat sizes, from about a quarter-carat to more than two and half carats, cushion-cut in an 18-karat yellow gold bezel setting.

How incredibly gorgeous!

2. Paloma’s Sugar Stacks Ring

Paloma’s Sugar Stacks Ring

There’s something about the lush, tropical green of the chrysoprase solitaire in this ring – it’s almost mysterious, isn’t it?

It’s from the Paloma Picasso “Sugar Stacks” collection, so again, it’s not technically an engagement ring, but I love it just the same, don’t you?

It’s also on the less expensive end of the engagement ring spectrum, set in sterling silver rather than white gold or platinum, but is no less stunning for it.

3. Tiffany Soleste Ring

Tiffany Soleste Ring

Would you call this ring stunning, or dazzling?

I’d call it both!

It features a luscious deep green tsavorite, set in platinum, surrounded by a double row of dozens of glimmering round-cut diamonds.

There’s nothing modest or simple about this ring – it’s all flash and showy brilliance, eye-catching and breath-taking at once.

4. Tiffany Legacy Purple Sapphire Ring

Tiffany Legacy Purple Sapphire Ring

At first glance, the centerpiece of this ring looks like the richest amethyst, but it’s actually a rare purple sapphire.2

The ring and setting evoke the romance of the Edwardian era, with delicate beadwork along the sides and a row of brilliant round-cut diamonds to add sparkle and shine.

It’s terribly romantic, but still bold.

Tiffany Harmony Fancy Pink Diamond Side Stone Ring
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