7 Fun Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests ...


Your wedding day may very well be one of the happiest times of your life, and by focusing on a few fun ways to entertain your wedding guests, you can be sure they’ll have just as great a time, too.

From creative slideshows to photo booths that perfectly capture your theme, these ideas are sure to keep your guests partying all throughout the night.

Read on for a look at just seven great ways to entertain your wedding guests, and don’t forget to share a few of your own favorites, too!

1. Photo Booth

By far one of the most popular ways to entertain your wedding guests is by having a photo booth available throughout your cocktail hour and reception.

Along with being fun for guests of all ages, a photo booth is a great way to showcase your theme and personalities.

Our snow-sport-loving friends, for instance, recently had a winter wonderland wedding where the photo booth came fully stocked with everything from snowboards to winter-weather hats and goggles.2

We all loved being able to snap a few silly shots of ourselves, and so did the bride and groom.

2. Creative Slideshows

Montages showcasing photos of the bride and groom are always a popular choice, but thanks to the photo-sharing app Wedding Snap, your guests can now also enjoy seeing their own photos of your wedding displayed live on-screen throughout the reception.

As guests use the Wedding Snap app to instantly upload their photos to your personalized wedding album in real-time, a team of professional slideshow moderators virtually reviews all of the images to make sure they are appropriate.

Planning an anniversary dance?

At our own wedding, my husband and I included a slideshow showing off a collection of our married guests’ wedding portraits, which had been gathered and compiled in advance.

Everyone loved it so much that we even got requests to replay the show a second time!

Song or Dance Competition
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