8 Fun Ideas for Renewing Your Vows ...


There are many reasons for renewing your vows and planning a celebration.

Perhaps you eloped the first time or your wedding day wasn't as intimate as you would have liked.

Whether you just want to celebrate 20 magical years of wedded bliss or you want a big do over, here are 8 Fun Ideas for Renewing Your Vows...

1. Get Funky...

Were you too nervous to be that offbeat, colorful, glittery dressed bride the first time?

Well, set the wild child free when renewing your vows and get funky!

Wear that hippie, feathered head dress you had your eye on the first time, put your flower girl in a tutu and butterfly wings, and wear the pink and gold, short wedding dress that you've been dreaming of.

This is your chance to do things your way and be the bride you really wanted to be.

2. Plan a Destination Renewal...

Was your wedding day bigger than you wanted it to be the first time around?

Plan a destination vow renewal and make it more about you.

When renewing your vows, you don't have to stress about inviting everyone and their mother.

You can make it as intimate as you want and elope to Vegas, the Bahamas, or even to Paris!

Saying 'I Do' all over again will give you that chance to feel like you two are the only ones in the room because 200 eyes aren't watching you as you kiss.

3. Include Your Children...

Do you look at your wedding album and wish your children could have been there to help celebrate your big day?

Include them when renewing your vows and have them be a part of your ceremony.

If this is a 10 year vow renewal, ask your young son or daughter if they would like to be the ring bearer or flower girl.

On the other hand, if your children are older during your vow renewal, ask them to give you away or stand alongside of you as you say 'I Do.'

Throw a Big Party...
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