7 Father and Daughter Wedding Dance Songs ...


When you’re choosing the music for your wedding reception there are a lot of things to consider, such as first dance songs and father and daughter wedding dance songs.

You have a virtually unlimited supply of songs to choose from and the one you pick should represent your relationship with your dad.

If you have a close relationship, choose a sweet song that has meaning to you.

If your relationship is more strained, go for an upbeat fun song that doesn’t require the two of you to awkwardly slow dance in front of a whole crowd.

Here are a few father and daughter wedding dance songs to give you a good idea of which direction to take.

1. Edwin McCain – Walk with You

Searching for father and daughter wedding dance songs while preparing for my wedding took an enormous amount of time because I wanted the perfect one.

I chose this one because I was looking for something that was sweet but not sappy enough to make me cry.2

I didn’t want a song that everyone used and this one was just perfect.

It tells the story of a father giving his daughter away at her wedding.2

He tells her she is still his little girl and now he’s gained a son.

It is a truly beautiful song and several people in attendance told me they had never heard it before.2

Steven Curtis Chapman – Cinderella
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