9 Fabulous & Inspiring Wedding Songs of 2011 ...


Wedding Songs for 2011 are here!

If you are looking for your perfect wedding song but haven't been able to find it yet, don't worry!

I've got the top 9 wedding songs of 2011 that will blow your mind a bit.

I know that when I get married – there are a few wedding songs of 2011 that will be played at my wedding – no matter when it is!

1. Marry Me by Train

I never liked Train much until I heard 'Hey Soul Sister' – this song though … it's awesome!

Out of every list that I took a look at for this post, this was always number 1 on the wedding songs for 2011 chart toppers.

After listening to it, I have to say that this might be my wedding song!

It's so touching, the lyrics are awesome and … it's beautiful.2

2. Marry You by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is the guy to have at your wedding this year!

I have to admit though, I didn't hear this song until it was covered on Glee.

Now though?

I love Mr.

Mars and I love this song!

It's totally playful, the perfect song to have at a reception and to dance to!

3. Rhythm of Love by Plain White T's

Picking out a wedding song is hard, especially if you have no clue what type of song you are looking for!

This song for me was a no brainer because I love the Plain White T's.

It's sweet, it's cute and I love the tune it has.2

It's the perfect song for a quirky and fun couple!

4. Love Story by Taylor Swift

I think that Taylor is absolutely beautiful.

She's so young, has an incredible voice and her lyrics are awesome!

Love Story is one of the first wedding songs of 2011 that I heard and instantly, I loved it.

It's fresh, young, has a possession to it and it's got Romeo &2

Juliet in it.

What more could you ask for out of a wedding song?

Mine by Taylor Swift
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