7 Fabulous Father-Daughter Dance Songs ...


From upbeat classics to heartfelt country ballads, father-daughter dance songs never fail to add a timeless touch to any wedding reception.

Stumped about which one to pick?

Here’s a look at just seven of my all-time favorite father-daughter dance songs.

Give them a listen, share them with your dad, and get ready to make some amazing memories together.

1. I Loved Her First

Topping my list of fabulous father-daughter dance songs is country favorite “I Loved Her First” by Heartland, which perfectly describes the bittersweet feelings a father experiences upon seeing his little girl get married.

Thinking about choosing this song for your own father-daughter dance?

Be sure to keep a pack of tissues at the ready, since this is one song that’s guaranteed to be a huge tearjerker!

My Girl
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