7 Fabulous Father-Daughter Dance Songs ...


From upbeat classics to heartfelt country ballads, father-daughter dance songs never fail to add a timeless touch to any wedding reception.

Stumped about which one to pick?

Here’s a look at just seven of my all-time favorite father-daughter dance songs.

Give them a listen, share them with your dad, and get ready to make some amazing memories together.

1. I Loved Her First

Topping my list of fabulous father-daughter dance songs is country favorite “I Loved Her First” by Heartland, which perfectly describes the bittersweet feelings a father experiences upon seeing his little girl get married.

Thinking about choosing this song for your own father-daughter dance?

Be sure to keep a pack of tissues at the ready, since this is one song that’s guaranteed to be a huge tearjerker!

2. My Girl

Looking for a more upbeat song that still perfectly captures a father’s love?

“My Girl” by The Temptations is a classic father-daughter dance song that will have everyone else singing along in their heads as you and dad spin around the floor.

Let the catchy beat carry you away and help set the tone for all the fun that’s still to come throughout the evening.

3. My Wish

Another country favorite is Rascal Flatt’s “My Wish,” which symbolizes all of your dad’s hopes and dreams for you.

The touching lyrics and fast-paced melody make this the perfect choice for brides looking to choose a song that’s both heartfelt and incredibly uplifting.

With a song this special, there’s hardly any doubt your dad will love it every bit as much as you do.

4. The Way You Look Tonight

When it comes to classic father-daughter dance songs, you can’t go wrong with Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” Thinking about putting together a routine?

This song is definitely a popular choice for brides and dads who have a knack for ballroom dancing.

Not into the choreographed foxtrot idea?

Even if you choose to simply dance freestyle, you’re sure to have a moment with dad you’ll both never forget.

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