9 Awesome Ways to Cut down on Your Wedding Costs ...


Ways to cut down on wedding costs I’m going to mention here will help you plan an amazing budget friendly wedding, have a great special day and walk off with enough cash in your pocket to plan an even better honeymoon! Sounds nice? Well here’s some tricks you might want to consider before you focus on wedding planning:

1. Choose Budget Friendly Wedding Decorations

Flip through your favorite bridal magazines and web pages to get your creative juices flowing and figure out interesting ways to cut down on wedding costs without having to give up all those wonderful decorations. It’s not as hard as you may believe and it doesn’t have to scream DIY, take my word for it. Just do your math, determine which decorations are pricy and therefore worth economizing with and figure out ways how to get the same effect for less! I, for example, didn’t want to settle for cheap flower centerpieces (your girl right here has some pretty expensive taste-big roses and orchids are my faves) so I’ve decided to use square glass vases, add white stones, «dive» individual orchids inside and top it off with a floating candle.

Be Your Own Wedding Planner
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