4. Everyone Loves Honeymooners...

Everyone Loves Honeymooners...

Photo: BicoastalBride

"Since this was our honeymoon, and our guests had showered us with so many greatHoneyfund gift certificates, we decided to splurge a bit.

In addition to wine tasting, sangria at sunset, and my swanky spa haircut, one of our favorite things to do was visit the shipโ€™s several specialty restaurants.

From Asian fusion to steak to Italian, these places were the best!

And the most fun part?

Whenever the restaurant staff found out it was our honeymoon, they would gather around to sing โ€œLet Me Call You Sweetheartโ€ as they placed a โ€œHappy Honeymoonโ€ cake on our table!

At the Asian restaurant, they even made us wear dragon costumes during the song.

Too funny!"

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