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8 Things People Hate about Weddings ...

Weddings, you just have to love them! Then again, it's hard not to love some of the weddings that you attend for many reasons. I didn't have the "average" wedding that every girl dreams of. I had mine by the lake and you were allowed to wear whatever you wanted – jeans were just fine. Of course, I did wear a dress, but not the typical wedding dress. We played music, but not the typical slow music. We had a blast and it was memorable – that is what counts. I never really liked the whole wedding scene. I am going to give you 8 things people hate about weddings …

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8. The Huge Crowd They do Not Know

Wow, when you go to a wedding, there are many people that you don't know. Some people do not like this.

7. How Much They Cost

Some people go all out for their wedding and I have never understood it. It's a waste of money, really – because you can have a great wedding, without spending so much money. Trust me, I did. Some of the prices on those weddings are horrible!

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6. Bridesmaid Dresses

Those puffy looking dresses – yes, I hate them too. I didn't have any bridesmaid dresses at my wedding. It wasn't needed in my book – everyone can be comfortable.

5. Bad Seating

Eeek – many people hate the bad seating. Those wooded/metal chairs or pews are definitely not comfortable to sit in. I know.

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4. Passing out

I didn't pass out during my wedding nor did my husband – but I have saw some weddings where someone did pass out. Don't you think that is horrible – standing up at the alter one minute, then resting on the floor in front of a group of people the next minute?

3. The Chicken Dance

Oh goodness, how many times have I saw the chicken dance at a wedding? I'm so glad it was not at my wedding! Absolutely not – no way.

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2. The Ring Guy Losing the Ring

Oh yes, it never fails – the ring guy goes off and loses a ring. Sigh. I have heard many stories of this.

1. The Monster Bride

Yes, the root of it all – the monster! Yes, we love her and some may even want to be her, but goodness, since when does being a bride give you the right to get everything you want to get? Then, if you don't get it, what gives you the right to break down and have a big tantrum? 2 year olds, sometimes act better than some brides. Sorry to offend you and I know if I offended you and you were a "temper tantrum bride," you are definitely going to comment on this one. It's just that, even during my wedding, I was not a "me,me,me,me" type of girl.

There you have 8 things people hate about weddings. I know, weddings can still be really cool and memorable, but some people can't stand the typical ones held inside churches. So, what do you not like about weddings?

Top Photo Credit: zambase

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