7 Things to do at a Bachelorette Party ...


When it comes to your bachelorette party, there is like a million of things you shouldn’t do.

Like getting totally wasted, doing things you might regret later, things that might end up on the Internet, things that might earn you a night in the “big house” and so on and on and on.

Okay, I totally agree with all that because a bachelorette party is something the bride would want to remember, not wish she could forget.

So, what should you do?

Well, here are some bachelorette party do’s to help you get started:2

1. Have a Nice Meal

Have a Nice Meal

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Pick the bride’s favorite restaurant and book a table there because that’s the best way to start a successful bachelorette party.

You can opt to prepare dinner yourself or have the food catered, in case you will be having a short get-together or you don’t think the attendants are willing to sacrifice a lot of cash.2

A meal is a definitely bachelorette party do as it will enable everybody to have a chat with the bride and fill up their stomachs and prevent getting drunk later on.

2. Naughty Activity

Naughty Activity

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Yup, you’re all allowed to get a bit naughty so relax.

Next bachelorette party do is organizing a fun, a bit naughty activity like going to a strip club, ordering a stripper or taking a brief course in striptease, burlesque, Tantra or something like that.

Now this all depends on your bride because some people are shyer than the others and, if you do something that would embarrass her, she might even get really mad at you.

3. Pajama Party

Pajama Party

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Some people like it wild while some prefer to keep it casual so, if the bride-to be is one of those casual people whose idea of a good time rarely includes fancy dinners and clubbing, organize a teeny pajama party.

Remember how we all used to love them back when we were just kids?

Remember how we used to share secrets and play truth or dare or other potentially embarrassing games?

Well, I’f you are one of her childhood friends, reminding her how you used to have such a good time for all those years will definitely be well-received.

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