7 Signs You Should Call off the Wedding... ...


It doesn’t matter how many months or years you’ve been planning your wedding, sometimes there are things that happen that cause you to have second thoughts about getting married.2

Here are 7 signs you should call off the wedding.

Of course not everyone will agree with all the signs I’ve listed below.

However, these are signs that would definitely cause me to call off my wedding!2

7. You Both Fight about Having Kids

One of you wants to have kids and the other doesn’t.2

Sometimes one person changes his/her mind about this topic, but it can be a source of many arguments.

When this discussion constantly resurfaces over a period of many years, tension usually increases.

If you are fighting about this subject daily already, then I don’t see how the topic will never be a pleasant subject for either of you.

6. Emotional Needs Aren’t Going to Be Met

Are you needy?

Is he needy?

Are you an extremely affectionate person and he isn’t, or vice versus?

If you two aren’t able to meet each other’s level of emotional needs, then you might not be as perfect for one another as you previously thought.

I’ve dated guys that were very clingy and these relationships didn’t work out, due to the fact that I couldn’t stand being physically smothered.

5. Either or Both of You Are Having Doubts

Cold feet are common, but having doubts that cause severe anxiety or a nervous breakdown usually isn’t normal.

If you both are feeling extremely doubtful about your current decision to get married, then maybe it’d be better if you’d wait a bit longer.

There’s no hurry to rush into marriage, is there?

4. You Found out He’s Cheating on You

I don’t know about you, but this is a sure sign that he’s not as interested in me as he used to be.

If he can’t be faithful now, why would getting married make him more faithful?

Maybe your guy has always been a cheat and you only recently found out.

Isn’t it better that you found out before getting married to him?

You Both Have Completely opposite Ideas about the Future
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