7 Ideas for Your Trash-the-Dress Photo Shoot ...


Would you dare to get your wedding dress dirty beyond repair? Why not, it’s not like you’ll wear it again! Moreover, scheduling a trash-the-dress photo shoot couple of days after the wedding will give you the opportunity to dress up again and have all those fabulous photos you didn’t dare posing for during the actual wedding. Interested? Well, I’m doing it for sure, so here are 7 cool ideas I’ve been thinking about lately:

1. Runway Bride

Sexy glitz or fashion road kill –it’s on you to decide. Have you hairdresser make you the “big hair” updo, pull off your best, darkest and the most dramatic smoky eye look and make sure you wear that sexy white bridal lingerie under your dress. Then head off to the most luxurious place you can think of and snap a couple of high-end photos. After that it’s time to get dirty! Have you photographer take pictures of you running around the crowded city, sitting on the hood of the car, posing next to a dirty wall covered in graffiti or in dark, shady hallways.

Beach Bride
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