Diana Trotter
6 Unique Wedding Bouquets That Will Last Forever...

1. Vintage Memories...

Photo: fancypantsweddings.com

Traditions and memories are a big part of many weddings. Memories of our grandparents or loved ones we may have lost and traditions that have been passed down for generations. Keep those traditions and memories alive with brooches you may have collected from your grandma through the years in a wonderful vintage brooch bouquet. Thanks to Judy over at Fancypantsweddings you won't have to spend a ton of money on a brooch bouquet, you can make your own! For my own wedding I pinned a few of my grandmother's brooches to the stem of my bouquet, but now I wonder if I could have made a beautiful bouquet like this one! Do you have any vintage brooches that will be a part of your special day?

Share with us the details of the unique bouquet that will be created for your wedding day!

Top Image: Rocknrollbride.com

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