6 Adorable Flower Girls and Their Pretty Dresses ...

Flower girls are just the cutest little kids; they just steal my heart as they twirl around in their pretty dresses! Sometimes I think they steal the show from the bride and groom, everyone can't help to just smile when they see these little girls walking down the aisle. **Put a smile on your face when you see these 6 adorable flower girls in their pretty dresses! **

6. Nine Flower Girls is Better than One...

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Photo: StyleMePretty.com

Can you believe the bride and groom had nine beautiful flower girls in this wedding! I love that they are holding hands, how adorable! Their pretty little dresses are from J.Crewand just look perfect on them! No flowers needed for these little angels; their waving around wonderful little wands! **How many flower girls will be in your wedding? **

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