5 Unique Place Card Ideas for Your Wedding ...

Every** bride and groom** wants their wedding to be unique in decor, attire, favors, and details. You don't want to look like you're trying to pull off someone else's wedding you attended two months ago! To help you find that unique idea here are **6 unique place card ideas for your wedding! **

5. Something Good to Eat...

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Photo: PreparetoWed.com/blog

When I saw this adorable cookie I knew I had to share it and do a post about wedding place cards! Many couples have delicious cookie favors but I haven't seen a cookie place card like this one. I just love it, don't you? Remind your guests not to eat it before they find their table!** Did you have cookies at your wedding?**

******4. Go Green...**

Photo: Beau-coup.com

Would you believe that this** place card is plantable**? Dig a hole in the dirt, put the place card in, water, and soon you shall have a little garden of beautiful wildflowers! Each seating card is made of biodegradable paper that is embedded with wildflower seeds. You get a place card, a favor, and no waste! **What are your green wedding ideas? **

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